Mantes 23-28/08/1944 (IABSM Campaign)      


This campaign is based upon the german counterattacks to reduce the US beachead on the river Seine and protected the withdrawal of the last units fleeing from Normandy.
The campaign has 7 scenarios which are linked depending on the game result.
The 314th Infantry Regiment (79th Inf. Division) is facing the FallschirmJaeger-Lehr Regiment 21 and KoenigTiger of SS-Schwere Panzer Abteilung 101.


La tête de pont de Mantes (T1) / Bruno Renoult - Geneviève Havelvange

Tiger : Le bataillon de chards lourds de la LAH / Patrick Agte / Heimdal

FallschirmJäger 1943-1944 / Alain Chazette / Histoire et Fortifications

39-45 Magazine - #105 / Aout 1944 : Les Paras allemands contre-attaquent sur la Seine

39-45 Magazine - #118 / Tiger à Mantes


German counterattack on Limay
US VictoryAxis Victory
German counterattack on Fontenay St-PèreGerman attack on Fontenay St-Père
US VictoryAxis VictoryUS VictoryAxis Victory
US attack onSaillyGerman attack on LimayUS attack onGuitrancourtGerman attack on Limay
Decisive VictoryMinor VictoryMarginal VictoryMajor VictoryMajor VictoryMarginal VictoryMinor VictoryDecisive Victory